frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

You say that the excellence of your armor fabrics is due to the fact that they are coated: Why  ?

Because a fabric coated with metal allows far fewer waves to pass than a fabric woven with metallic threads. This is a “mechanical” question.

What does the DB indication you mention mean  ?

The letters DB mean “decibels” because the unit of measurement of the power of a wave, whatever its nature, sound or otherwise, is the decibel.
In the case of anti-radiation textiles, the higher the number of decibels, the more protective the fabric. This is the major and essential information to know.

If I put a phone in an anti-radiation garment, can it ring and why  ?

When you enclose a phone in an anti-radiation garment, it is suddenly deprived of most of the network. However today, in our 3, 4 or even 5 G environment, any smartphone modulates its power and connects thanks to the remainder of the network that it picks up, to transmit and receive. To do this, it switches to “full power”, emitting much more than usual (this is the reason why the manufacturers indicate on their instructions not to use your telephone when you have no network).
This “test” therefore only confirms the effectiveness of your phone, not that of the shields.

You refuse to sell protective phone cases, why  ?

It is the principle mentioned above that leads us not to sell cell phone cases. We are often asked to manufacture cases that would completely stop the waves. We obviously understand the request but the answer is simple: either the case is 100% effective and your phone will no longer work (since it will be completely cut off from the airwaves) or there will be a residual passage and your phone will transmit even more.

You insist on the mention GOTS, why?

Because there is organic and organic: saying that a fabric is organic means nothing if you don’t specify how it is organic. Some fabrics advertised as organic only have the dye organic, which absolutely does not suit us.
GOTS certification is demanding: chemical inputs such as toxic heavy metals, formaldehydes, aromatic solvents, functional nanoparticles, GMOs and their enzymes are totally banned from the cultivation of the plant. You, your children and people who are chemically sensitive will therefore not have them on your skin.
Furthermore, strict compliance with social criteria is required: abolition of child labor, elimination of forced labor, adequate wages, abolition of discrimination and brutal and inhuman treatment. Yes, it is written in black and white, because that is the reality of growing cotton, even sometimes organic!

Some prices may seem high: how do you determine them?

Protect Against Waves® has a transparent pricing policy: it is first of all the quantity of raw material and the working time that determine the final price, to which are added the costs of our company.
Our goal is to offer innovative and durable “top-of-the-range” items in terms of protection, aesthetics and ecological responsibility. We want to guarantee the sustainability of our company, not to enrich ourselves: during the last 4 years, we have not applied any increase.

Make yourselves  ?

We have a clothing workshop that makes all the clothing to order and to measure. We also work with clothing workshops located in our region that we have trained specifically and with high standards in working with our anti-radiation materials.

All our manufacturing is French, a major part being made in Occitanie, around our head office.

How long and how many washes before the garment is no longer protective  ?

It is not the number of washes that determines the “durability” of efficiency but the daily care given to your clothes and of course to the way of washing them. Anti-radiation clothing is precious and should be treated as such. They must be handled with delicacy, as you would for mohair: store them well folded, wash them preferably by hand without twisting them. So they will protect you for a very long time.

Do you have a social and environmental approach  ?

The process of making anti-radiation clothing is part of a global approach to the life of the company’s carriers, individually invested in local public life, the field of health and the environment. Protect Against Waves® is in a way an extension of our commitments.
At Protect Against Waves®, there is no wifi (everything is shielded cabling), no DECT and we have (sportingly!) refused the linky meter.
We have set up our premises in an ecological building.
We have created a Facebook account exclusively intended for the general public of information related to the theme of the waves and we relay the militant associations. We make no secret of what we think!
We are also committed to cultivating a social approach: one of our partner workshops is a scoop, another is a detention center for men.