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Throughout this site we strive to clearly provide as much information as possible concerning the “problem of waves”, and thus contribute to everyone being able to find their way around the scientific vocabulary and the reality of what they covers.
This phenomenon, vast and sometimes difficult to understand, concerns our daily lives and leads us to wonder about its impact on the health of our families. The answers are rare, and understanding them often requires scientific knowledge.

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“I began to take an interest in the effect of electromagnetic fields on health in 2007 the day when, trying to understand the growing health problems of my companion, I wondered, somewhat by chance, if the increasing exposure to waves from mobile phones and wifi could be the cause.
None of the many physicians she had consulted, whether conventional or not, had managed to offer an explanation or relief for her increasingly disabling conditions.

My investigations and the experiences shared with my partner very quickly showed me the direct harmful impact of wifi and mobile telephony on her health and it was therefore gradually possible to relieve her, in particular by using protective fabrics as linings for hats or clothing.

I have since been convinced that, if we do not try, or do not accept, to better understand the conditions of the deleterious impact of the electromagnetic fields to which we are increasingly exposed, their effects could one day be dramatic, for us and for our children, and potentially every other form of life.”

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Post doctorate in clinical pharmacology and artificial intelligence (Standford University, California, USA)
Diploma in Clinical Pharmacology (Swiss Society of Clinical Pharmacology)
Former head of the clinical pharmacology research laboratory at the University Hospitals of Geneva
Former Head Pharmacist of Geneva University Hospitals