Protect Against Waves: who are we?

Protect Against Waves: A story of 2 women

Protect Against Waves Sylvie Rance
Who are we?

Protect Against Waves is a family business located in the southwest.

It was born from our conviction that the growing exposure to electromagnetic fields presents a real and major risk to our health.

Convinced of the deleterious impact of electromagnetic waves (telephone antennas, wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G to come, etc.), we have decided to act to protect our families. We wanted the best possible protection for our children.

Based on the expertise and skill of an experienced scientist with whom we collaborate, using the best shielding fabrics with unparalleled high and low frequency performance (99.99% attenuation efficiency), and relying on on a solid experience in the field of clothing and styling, we have designed innovative products, resolutely opting for excellence, from design to production.

The precautionary principle, advocated by health authorities, the concerns expressed by doctors, the recognition of electrosensitivity as a disease, and recently the entry into force on 1 January 2017 of a European directive “aiming to protect employees of electromagnetic fields” reinforced our search for protection solutions and encouraged us to develop protective clothing for everyone.

Buying Protect Against Waves products means choosing unique protective clothing created according to high standards:
  • Optimal protection, high AND low frequencies
  • Comfort and respect for sensitive skin,
  • Very high professional quality,
  • Modern and bold design (you don’t have to wear ugly clothes to protect yourself!),
  • Impeccable production entrusted to French craftsmen,
  • Environmentally friendly raw materials.
We offer the best: what we have created for our families.

Sylvie Rance and Maud Lammens founders of Protect Against Waves

Impeccable craftsmanship.
Sylvie Rance Protect Against Waves
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