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Within the framework of the European Data Protection Regulation, we inform you that our site only uses your personal data (name, postal address and e-mail address, telephone number) for the sole purpose of shipping your packages. Consequently, we only contact you by email or telephone in the event of a problem with one of your orders and never carry out any marketing operation whatsoever (newsletter, cold calling, SMS advertising, etc.).
Electronic transactions (by credit card or Paypal) are not carried out directly on our site but on secure payment platforms (Vérifone, Paypal); we therefore have no access to your payment details or any of your bank details.

Like any e-commerce site, our site uses cookies ( see our page on this subject ) to ensure its basic operation. We also analyze, completely anonymously, browsing sessions with the aim of improving our site: which pages particularly hold the attention of our customers, which pages, on the contrary, seem neglected and need to be improved.

If you wish, you can place your orders on our site in “guest” mode: in this case, we obviously collect your data in order to ensure the delivery of your articles and the constitution of the invoice, but without creating an account. customer on our system.
Please note, however, that all the data in your customer account is managed directly by our company and is therefore not sub-contracted by any third-party service provider or company. Your customer data is not entrusted, shared or sold to any service provider or partner whatsoever.
In addition, you can at any time ask us to delete your customer account and the data linked to it by contacting us via our contact form.

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