4G and 5G protection, Linky

Pure metallic silver shielding blocking between 99.999% and 99.9999% of high and low frequencies.

High quality eco-friendly fabric

Cotton GOTS certified without formaldehyde, without heavy metals, without nanoparticles.

French design and production

An irreproachable production and an artisanal know-how.

Made to measure

Our expertise in anti-wave fabrics is at the service of your particular needs.

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Benefit from a 10% discount on your entire basket (except fabrics) from the third item.

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Constantly attentive to your observations and requests, we present new models and new protection solutions as regularly as possible:

(Real) opinions of (real) customers

Many of our customers have been kind enough to call us or come back to the site to leave their comments and opinions on Protect Against Waves products.

Most of these testimonies fill us with happiness and convince us, both of the high degree of harmfulness of electromagnetic waves on some hyper-sensitive people, and also of the relevance of our products to protect them from this daily scourge.

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Anti-wave cases for your cell phones

Many, many of you have asked us for cases that would protect you from the waves while continuing to use your cell phone. It is impossible!

How does a cell phone work? By connecting to its environment (relay, box …) through electro-magnetic waves. What should an anti-wave case be used for? To prevent the passage of waves.

The fact is that today, in our “efficient” environment (3G, 4G) a recent phone, even placed in a 99.99% efficient anti-wave case, manages to use the residual waves (0.01%) to connect, transmit and receive. The only way to remove the waves from the cell phone is to turn it off!

Therefore, because they are useless, we refuse to manufacture these cases.

Protect Agains Waves: 1 story 2 women

Protect Against Waves is a family business located in the southwest.

It was born from our conviction that the growing exposure to electromagnetic fields presents a real and major risk to our health.

Convinced of the deleterious impact of electromagnetic waves (telephone antennas, wifi, 4G, 5G to come…), we decided to act to protect our families. We wanted the best possible protection for our children. learn more

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