Customers’ opinion

The (real) opinions of our (real) customers

Many of our customers are kind enough to call us or come back to the site to leave their comments and opinions on Protect Against Waves products. Some of these testimonials fill us with happiness and end up convincing us, both of the high degree of harmfulness of electromagnetic waves on certain hyper-sensitive people, and on the other hand of the relevance of our products to protect them from this daily plague.

Many tell us that they have regained their appetite or sleep, and by obvious consequence a joie de vivre that had gradually abandoned them. Some have even regained the strength to return to work, after long breaks imposed by discomfort, pain or even disability. In fact, we would never have imagined receiving such testimonials which can only encourage us to continue our business.

If you too are in such a case, do not hesitate to share with us the story of your experiences; we will only publish them on this page with your full agreement.