Plain anti-wave hat for children

A soft and comfortable anti wave hat that they wear with pleasure: the best way to effectively protect them against electromagnetic radiation!

Available in 3 sizes, 4 colors.



Pourquoi un bonnet anti-ondes pour enfants ?Why an anti wave hat for children?

It is now impossible to eliminate children’s exposure to electromagnetic waves, which have invaded almost all of our environment. But it is still possible to significantly reduce the risk by protecting them.
That’s why we designed this plain anti-radiation cap for children.

How does the Waves and Protection® hat work?

Thanks to the high content of silver in its composition, this plain anti wave hat for children greatly reduces exposure:

    • to high frequency waves emitted by wireless DECT phones, WLAN (wireless local area network) or Wifi, cell phones, bluetooth,
    • to radiation from low frequency 50 Hz electric fields.

The shielding effectiveness of the implemented children’s plain anti-radiation cap is 99.999% against high AND low frequencies

it means a reduction of 100,000 times the power of the wave. (access to testing).

How is the plain anti wave hat for children designed?

  • a layer of anti-wave shielding fabric 20% silver: high performance shielding
  • 50 dB,
  • “sandwiched” between two layers of 100% certified organic cotton (inside and outside),
  • de cette manière, your child’s skin remains in contact only with organic cotton.
  • morphologically designed, this hat adapts perfectly to your child’s skull and “holds well” even during “moving” activities,
  • its design allows it to be adjusted and covers the forehead and the neck, without tightening,
  • so that it is comfortable and always in place.I
  • It can be wear day and night.

Available in several sizes!

Very attentive to the specific needs of chemically-sensitive people, we take care to use only biocompatible materials.

Be sure to carefully take your child’s head size using the following diagram:
How to measure your head size

As for all our products, this for children is made in France.


Additional information


Écru, Ecru / Pink, Heather gray, Khaki


1/3 ans (Tour de tête +/- 46cm), 3 / 5 ans (Tour de tête +/- 48cm), 5/12 ans (tour de tête +/- 51 cm)

Line Description

Pour tous les jours. Y compris la nuit !


L’entretien est facile
 et rapide:

  • A la main, sans frotter ni tordre

    • Laisser tremper quelques minutes pour que le tissu s’imbibe correctement
    • Utiliser très peu de savon ou de produit de lessive non agressif (type produit bio)
    • Presser le vêtement comme on le fait pour une éponge ou un lainage
    • NE JAMAIS FROTTER: en cas de tache, utiliser une brosse à dent souple, un petit peu de savon (savon au fiel en magasin bio) et frotter délicatement
    • NE JAMAIS TORDRE pour essorer mais presser délicatement
    • Sécher à plat ou sur une corde, pincé régulièrement. Eviter le plein soleil.
  • En machine

    • Placer dans un petit sac de lavage (comme pour la lingerie)
    • Utiliser un produit de lessive non agressif( type produit bio)
    • Température maxi 30°
    • Essorage délicat dans un tambour plein
    • Sécher à plat ou sur une corde, pincé régulièrement. Eviter le plein soleil.

3 reviews for Plain anti-wave hat for children

  1. Catherine

    J’aurais du y penser plus tôt !

    Ma belle mère a offert un bonnet anti-ondes à chacun de mes enfants.
    Ils sont très sympas et du coup ils les portent tous les jours .
    J’apprécie l’entretien non contraignant!

  2. Renata


    Surprise et RAVIE de vous avoir rencontrée au salon de Montpellier : 2 bonnets achetés pour mes enfants.
    Très belle qualité, jolis coloris. Et prix corrects.
    Ils ne les quittent pas! Je suis épatée.

  3. Mylène (verified owner)

    Belle qualité

    Colis reçu le lendemain de la commande, emballage irréprochable, bonnet d’excellente qualité, il taille bien, et tient bien sur la tête de mon petit, merci !

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5G Protection

Our shields, and therefore our protective clothing against waves, have been designed from the start for protection over a wide spectrum of frequencies, covering the frequencies that are now those of 5G.

Learne more about 5G….

Protect against Waves Shield

The shield used is

  • 100% silver: silver is the best performing metal in terms of wave attenuation, which is why we do not use any other metal
  • Totally coated with silver (and non-woven with a metal thread), which explains its remarkable performance
  • Biocompatible (see Glossary)
  • Certified without nanoparticles
  • Tested to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006

The principle of attenuation of the electromagnetic wave is the principle of reflection. Grounding is therefore uselesssince it is only used to eliminate overvoltages and losses of electrical charges as well as electrostatic discharges.

50 db attenuation

Thanks to the high percentage of silver used in its composition, the very high performance shielding of this article greatly reduces exposure:

  • high-frequency waves emitted by cordless DECT telephones, WLAN (wireless local area network) or Wifi wireless networks, mobile telephony, bluetooth, etc.
  • to electric current linky
  • to radiation from low frequency electric fields 50H

This shielding has an attenuation of 50 decibels; in other words, its efficiency is 99.999% against high and low frequencies, a reduction of 100,000 times the power of the wave (access to tests).