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The art of the beanie: the classic and comfortable anti-wave protective garment that effectively protects against electromagnetic radiation thanks to its exclusive silver shielding!.

Unisex model, head size +/- 60cm.



Many scientists are concerned about the potential toxicity of waves on the brain. However, these electromagnetic fields(electro smog) have conquered almost all of our living spaces and many people now declare themselves electrohypersensitive.
For them and for all those who wish to protect themselves against electromagnetic fields, we have designed this cap especially for adults.

  • Three-layer construction: a layer of protective fabric sandwiched between two layers of GOTS-certified organic cotton (inside and outside): your skin is exclusively in contact with the organic cotton,
  • The “interlocking” and adjustable cut of the cap covers the lower forehead and neck and ensures maximum protection and comfort,
  • Increased comfort: no seams, no irritating labels,
  • A variation for all tastes thanks to the choice of colors that are always cheerful and warm!
  • Composition of the armor: 80% elastane, 20% silver,
  • Composition of the organic fabric: 95% GOTS certified cotton, 5% elastane,

For maximum protection, this hat can be worn day and night.

Very attentive to the specific needs of chemically-sensitive people, we take care to use only biocompatible materials.

Be sure to carefully take your head size using the following diagram:
How to measure your head size

As with all our products, our beanie is made in France.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

+/- 60cm, T.U

Line Description

To not be tight!


Maintenance is quick and easy:

  • By hand, without rubbing or twisting

    • Leave to soak for a few minutes so that the fabric soaks in well
    • Use very little soap or non-aggressive laundry product (organic product type)
    • Squeeze the garment as you do for a sponge
    • NEVER RUB: in case of stain, use an old toothbrush, a little bit of soap (honey soap in organic stores) and rub gently
    • NEVER TWIST to wring out but squeeze gently
    • Dry flat or on a line, pinched regularly. Avoid full sun.
  • In washing machine

    • Place in a small laundry bag (as for lingerie)
    • Use a non-aggressive laundry product (organic product type)
    • Maximum temperature 30°
    • Gentle spin in a full drum
    • Dry flat or on a line, pinched regularly. Avoid full sun.


  1. French

    Lionel (verified owner)

    bien mais

    Très efficace, même s’il tient chaud en été.
    Le seul bémol est que mes collègues me parlent d’un “bonnet péruvien chelou” et le trouvent bizarre. Du coup pour éviter les réflexions je le porte en privé et au travail je privilégie la galette à glisser sous les couvre chef.

  2. French

    michel (verified owner)

    Efficace ca marche assez bien

    En essayant de rédiger un avis personnel et sans influence pour pouvoir faire entendre un vrai témoignage sur ce bonnet je parlerais d’abord de mon scepticisme sur son efficacité avant de l’acheter puis je me suis lancé en mars 2020 et il m’a bien soulagé.
    Par contre en grande taille il s’est agrandi ce qui l’a rendu assez ridicule. Aujourd’hui en octobre 2020 je l’ai remis en rapport avec le froid qui est revenu et déjà pour ma première journée il m’a bien soulagé et je décide de venir ici pour en acheter un autre .
    Tout en laissant un témoignage sur son efficacité.
    Malgré le prix assez élevé pour moi je suis très très content que ça me calme beaucoup.
    Pour les problèmes liées aux ondes je me demande combien en souffrent et ce que nous allons nous devenir avec l’arrivé de la 5g.
    Sur un plan personnel je me dis que je ne pourrais jamais plus m’en passer car j’ai passé l’été sans bonnet et j’ai souvent eu de grands maux de têteujourd’hui il m’a bien soulagé à nouveau
    Respectueusement, Michel

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5G Protection

Our shields, and therefore our protective clothing against waves, have been designed from the start for protection over a wide spectrum of frequencies, covering the frequencies that are now those of 5G.

Learne more about 5G…

Protect against Waves Shield

The shield used is

  • 100% silver: silver is the best performing metal in terms of wave attenuation, which is why we do not use any other metal
  • Totally coated with silver (and non-woven with a metal thread), which explains its remarkable performance
  • Biocompatible (see Glossary)
  • Certified without nanoparticles
  • Tested to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006

The principle of attenuation of the electromagnetic wave is the principle of reflection. Grounding is therefore useless since it is only used to eliminate electrical surges and loss of charge as well as electrostatic discharges.

50 db attenuation

Thanks to the high percentage of silver used in its composition, the very high performance shielding of this article greatly reduces exposure:

  • high-frequency waves emitted by cordless DECT telephones, WLAN (wireless local area network) or Wifi wireless networks, mobile telephony, bluetooth, etc.
  • to the PLC of the Linky meter
  • to radiation from low frequency electric fields 50H

This shielding has an attenuation of 50 decibels; in other words, its efficiency is 99.999% against high and low frequencies, a reduction of 100,000 times the power of the wave (access to tests).