Protect Against Waves

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Anti wave scarves

To effectively protect the thyroid, scarfs are protective and light. Always with optimal protection, high quality, natural, organic materials and made in France. It is worn around the neck and is long enough to allow two turns around the neck.

Available in many colors, plain and printed. Size 134cm x 45cm



Anti wave scarves:

because protecting yourself against the waves daily can be restrictive, we have created high protection anti wave scarves. Llight and aesthetic, lined with GOTS certified natural material, you will wear them all year round and whatever the season.

Their design:

  • 20% silver shielding fabric,
  • 60 dB
  • sandwiched between 2 organic cotton fabrics: your skin is only in contact with the cotton,
  • Length 134cm x Width 45cm,
  • Shield Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% Silver; 35g/m2,
  • Organic fabric composition: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton; 75g/m2.
  • its size allows you multiple uses,
  • No seams or irritating labels,

They will allow you many uses:

  • around the neck
  • around the shoulders,
  • on the head and neck.

If you want to wear our scarf around your shoulders and protecting your chest when you’re busy on a screen, you can hold the fabric sections in place using a flat “click-clack” hair clip which will not puncture the fabric. Never brooches or safety pins.

Very attentive to the specific needs of chemically-sensitive people, we take care to use only biocompatible materials.

As with all our products, our anti-radiation scarves are made in France.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

1,34 m X 0,45 m

Line Description

Classic or fancy: a very practical scarf.



  • By hand, without rubbing or twisting:
    • soak for a few minutes to allow the fabric to soak well
    • very little soap, non-aggressive laundry product (organic type)
    • press the garment. NEVER ROTATE if there is a stain. In this case, use an soft toothbrush, a little soap (gall soap in organic stores) and rub gently
    • NEVER TWIST to spin. Always squeeze as you would a sponge
    • drying flat or on a rope, pinched regularly. Avoid full sun.
  • Machine washable:
    • in a small laundry bag (like for lingerie)
    • maximum temperature 30°.
    • gentle spin
    • in a full drum
    • non-aggressive detergent (organic type)
    • drying flat or on a rope, pinched regularly. Avoid full sun.


  1. French


    Quand tout à coup, tout va tellement mieux!

    Merci pour la qualité humaines des échanges téléphoniques et celle, incomparable, de vos produits : efficaces et de très belle tenue.
    Je reprends vie et espoir.

  2. French


    Super protection !

    Cette écharpe est jolie, discrète, et surtout me protège des ondes ! Je la porte quand je travaille sur ordinateur et la nuit, et mes douleurs dans la nuque ont nettement diminué.
    Autre point non négligeable et qu’il faut souligner : Sylvie, la responsable, est tout à fait accessible et agréable ! Merci

  3. French


    Bravo !

    Chez Ondes et protection, les produits ressemblent aux gens : EFFICACES et agréables!

  4. French


    Vraiment parfait !

    Des produits performants, très efficaces, vendus par des personnes compétentes. Disponibilité ++, emballage soigné, expédition rapide.

  5. French

    Anne Marie (verified owner)

    Mieux que très bien.

    Tout est vraiment comme décrit par les autres clients!
    Entreprise très sérieuse, articles d’excellente qualité, expédition rapide, emballages soignés (+++).
    C’est presque incroyable de nos jours…

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5G Protection

Our shields, and therefore our protective clothing against waves, have been designed from the start for protection over a wide spectrum of frequencies, covering the frequencies that are now those of 5G.

Learne more about 5G… 

Protect against Waves Shield

The shield used is

  • 100% silver: silver is the best performing metal in terms of wave attenuation, which is why we do not use any other metal
  • Totally coated with silver (and non-woven with a metal thread), which explains its remarkable performance
  • Biocompatible (see Glossary)
  • Certified without nanoparticles
  • Tested to military standard ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006

The principle of attenuation of the electromagnetic wave is the principle of reflection. Grounding is therefore uselesssince it is only used to eliminate overvoltages and losses of electrical charges as well as electrostatic discharges.

60 db attenuation

Thanks to the high percentage of silver used in its composition, the very high performance shielding of this article greatly reduces exposure:

  • high-frequency waves emitted by cordless DECT telephones, WLAN (wireless local area network) or Wifi wireless networks, mobile telephony, bluetooth, etc.
  • to the PLC of the Linky meter
  • to radiation from low frequency electric fields 50H

This shielding has an attenuation of 60 decibels; in other words, its efficiency is 99.9999% against high and low frequencies, a reduction of 1,000,000 times the power of the wave (access to tests).